Consolidation for Compact Craftiness and Computeryness

When Peter and I moved in together we filled the second bedroom in our apartment with computer equipment. His Mac, my PC and all of their accessories. At the time that was the necessary thing to do. He needed his computer to program on and I used my PC to handle the piles of gradschool homework I had then.

Since I finished school, however, our need for the PC has waned. I still like having it around because I like the Word Processor and it has all of my “stuff” on it, but I really haven’t used it much lately. I much prefer the laptop in front of the tv 🙂

So, after a while of trying to figure out a good solution to this problem we finally came up with one. In my words, “wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to hook up both our computers to one moniter/keyboard/mouse?”

In Peter’s words,”You can do that. You just need a KVM.” Okay, then! Let’s do it.

This afternoon our new KVM was delivered and Peter set to work setting it all up. Now we have two computer towers connected to one monitor and keyboard; all combined on one desk. Very neat, clean and compact. It is easy to switch from the Mac desktop to the PC and back again. So if I need to get info from or use the PC it is just a few keystrokes away. Nice. Look for more interesting solutions at

Another added benefit to the new situation is that we now have a completely empty desk. My greedy little eyes quickly recognized that this space would a perfect new home for my sewing machine. I’ve longed for a permanent home for my trusty 1950’s Singer for a while now and it seems to be pretty cozy in its new home. I know that I’ll use it much more now that I don’t have to heft it up and down off the kitchen table every time I have a project.

Peter took some photos of ***the new setup|***.

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