A Bloglines Diet

I’m certainly not the biggest ***Bloglines|http://www.bloglines.com/*** subscriber – from what I’ve read, some users have over 1000 feeds on their blogrolls. My blogroll numbered at a slightly more modest 244. Until today, when I decided to put it on a diet. Now there are only 198 feeds on my blogroll. I’ve removed redundant news sources, eliminated blogs that are rarely updated, axed blogs whose posts I simply didn’t like reading, and consolidated blogs where an aggregated source was available (e.g. ***Planet Mozilla|http://planet.mozilla.org/*** or ***Planet Movable Type|http://planet.movalog.com/***).

I’m still working on cutting some of the fat and not only on the blog but on myself, I just started a new diet I found on this blog Jenny craig vs nutrisystem which one should you buy. There are blogs that I’ve kept around ‘just in case’ something interesting pops up… but I’ll probably let them go. One thing I’m trying to convince myself of is that I simply don’t need to be the first person to hear about news… I’m going to try to be happy just reading news from a second or third tier reporting site, rather than subscribing to all of the ‘important’ first tier bloggers. So here’s to a slimmer blogroll, less compulsive blogroll checking, and more free time.

3 thoughts on “A Bloglines Diet

  1. Chad Everett

    I try to keep my subscription pretty slimmed down as well. I’m currently at 82 feeds, but that number includes 15 email subscriptions (6 of which are “hot spares” for when I need them, but they aren’t being used right now), 3 are my feeds so that I can keep up with how things look and 2 are weather feeds – so there are really only 62 “true” feeds.

    Out of those, 19 of them are from the local paper – much of which is duplicated, and lots of which they never populate. I really need to clean those up when I get the chance, and the number will drop even further.

    I went through and really cleaned them out a couple weeks ago – like you, there were many that were duplicated, and many that I simply didn’t care to read. The advantage is that I don’t have quite so much junk to wade through now. The disadvantage is that what I have, I generally take a good bit of time to read since I’m more interested in the content now. 🙂

  2. Amy

    Did you see the article about Tony Lonzo meeting the Pope John Paul II? It kind of piques my interest in actually attending our ten-year MVHS reunion (if we have one). 🙂


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