Beauties, Geeks, Brats and Fast Food

Over the last few days I’ve seen some interesting things on TV and DVD.

We got ***Super Size Me|*** from Netflix on Tuesday and popped it in the player during dinner… a HEALTHY dinner of tortilini and pesto. I’ve heard great things about this documentary and was looking forward to finally seeing it. I liked it. I have already read ***Fast Food Nation|*** and so I was not surprised at much of the facts laid out in the film. Even still, the effects of all those hamburgers on his liver was shocking! Watch it and make your own decisions about whether or not to visit MickyD’s.

I’ve also been watching, over the last few weeks, the WB’s ***Beauty and the Geek|,11116,228773,00.html***. I wasn’t sure I would make it past episode one (considering that it was the brain child of Ashton Kutcher!) but by the end of the premiere I was hooked. The premise was that they would pair intellectual guys with not so intellectual gals and subject each team to a series of challenges that would test the smarts of the gals and the social skills of the guys. Hopefully, each contestant would learn to appreciate the skills and talents of the others. In any case, I found it terribly entertaining. It was great to see these beautiful girls come off their social high horses and actually enjoy being wiht the geeks…and it ws fun watching the geeks open their eyes to something other than science or medicine or music.

And finally… have you seen the recent commercials for ***Brat Camp|***? It is a new ‘reality show’ about trouble kids who are sent to boot camp by their parents in a last ditch effort to turn their lives around. Judging by the ads, the kids go camping, hiking, rock climbing and are forced to reevaluated their lives. — Last weekend I saw that commercial with five other family members and five out of six of us declared, “That looks like fun!” It almost make me want to become a problem child just to get to go on that adventure!!

2 thoughts on “Beauties, Geeks, Brats and Fast Food

  1. jennifair

    I want to see “Brat Camp”, too… but you couldn’t be bad enough to make it into that kind of a program on your own! Your halo is just too shiny, smacky! 🙂
    My addictive reality show of the summer has been “Dancing With The Stars” – even to the point of calling in last week to vote! Too bad “my” team didn’t win. (Now I want to take ballroom dance lessons more than before!)

  2. rebecca

    OOOH! I like DWTS as well! Did you see last night when Patrick Swayze was on! 🙂

    As for Brat Camp. I don’t really want to be on the show… it’s the adventuring that looks like fun!


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