Mr. Excitement

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Tonight when I got home from work, I did some really, REALLY exciting stuff. First, I finished ripping the last of our CD collection into iTunes. Then, I moved all of our physical CD collection up to the attic. After that, I sorted out the piles of bills, receipts, and mail that have been collecting on the computer desk. I shredded some stuff that needed to be shredded, filed some stuff that needed to be filed, and recycled some stuff that needed to be recycled. Then, I rearranged the items on the top of the computer desk. And finally, I took a photo of it all!

Hey Mr. Farnham, how’s that for spicing up my life? Oh yeah, you can’t beat the excitement.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Excitement

  1. Ken F

    With that type of rowdiness, do you really expect us to believe that is “bottled water” on your desk? (I also note that there is an uneaten Reese’s PB cup on your desk. As my students would say, “Can I have it?!”)


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