The WoodCast!

World Wide Wood is taking a tentative dip into the ***Podcasting|*** waters with ***The WoodCast|***! There’s just an introductory, 45-second, testing-the-waters episode right now.

Oh, and the WoodCast is powered by ***WordPress|***.

3 thoughts on “The WoodCast!

  1. Peter

    Aww, that’s flattering… but I’d hold off on calling us cool until you’ve heard some of the other Podcasts out there. 🙂

    As for a Podcasting client, my favorite is Apple’s iTunes. It is a free download for Windows or Macintosh systems, and it plays all sorts of music files, and supports Podcasts. It also lets you access Apple’s excellent iTunes Music Store.

  2. jennifair

    Is your podcast anything like Bec’s radio broadcast of yesteryear, preserved on tape? Where she is waiting in the car to go to Martha’s Vineyard? 😉 That is a personal favorite of mine.


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