Google Talk

Google| is reportedly going to be launching an instant messaging service/tool/thingy tomorrow called Google Talk. Niall Kennedy| has reported that it’s possible to set up a Jabber-capable client| to connect to Google’s ‘Talk’ server as of today.

I gave it a try with AdiumX|, and it seems to work just fine. Well, at least the logging on part. What I really need is for someone to try contacting me to test it out. If you are so inclined, read Niall’s post| and try it out. You can contact me at peter.r.wood at gmail dot com.

Update Google| Talk| is now official (though there has been no press release| as yet). They have a downloadable Windows client, as well as instructions for setting up other clients to use Google Talk.

Update Here’s the official press release|, and the official blog entry| They’ve also introduced a new way to get a Gmail account:

qqq|…starting today, Google is making it easier for anyone in the U.S. with access to a mobile phone to sign up for a Gmail account. When users visit and enter their mobile phone number, they will receive an invitation code via a text message. This code enables them to open an account.|qqq

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