America the Beautiful…

Have you seen ***Real Women Have Curves|***?

We watched it last night courtsey of Netflicks. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Mexican music and flair was entertaining, the story heartwarming and the dialogue sharp and witty. America Ferrara did a splendid job portraying a not-so-stick-thin gal struggling to find balance between family obligations and personal ambition.

I think you should see it. Be warned, however, that you will see underwear.

5 thoughts on “America the Beautiful…

  1. Angela

    I have seen that movie, and I second the recommendation. Yes, there is a lot of underwear, but it is realistic underwear, which I personally found refreshing….

  2. jennifair

    Oh, I’ve wanted to see that movie! Thanks for the review/warnings – now I’ll just have to remember the title when I next am in the market for a video!

  3. Rebecca

    to DR: There is no big deal about seeing underwear. Those who know me know that that last statement was made in jest. This movie, does however have a large percentage of underwear showing.


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