Anybody got $250,000 we could borrow?

According to [MSN Money](, that’s the cost of raising a child these days.

Come May, we’re going to need it.

(and diapers and rattles and a crib and strained peas…. you get the idea!)

19 thoughts on “Anybody got $250,000 we could borrow?

  1. Jenny R.

    Crib, diapers, strained peas, formula, clothes, etc.: $250,000.

    Starting a family: Priceless 😀

    I’m so excited for you two!!! ~Jenny R.

  2. christine

    congratulations you guys!

    so excited for you!
    may the belly be blessed and the process go smoothly, from here to forever.


  3. Ken F

    So what does MSN Money have to do with you guys needing $250 K. Don’t you younguns have any work ethic?! Is this some type of pyramid scam? And who is May, that you want her to come to you? Is she your money runner? Are you guys running a numbers racket or something? or are you some quirky group that does some strange things with diapers, rattles, cribs and strained peas? What’s wrong with regular peas?
    I think you should answer these questions before any of us even attempt to send you $250,000! You think we teachers are made out of money?!!!!

    PS- Congratulations! We’re happy for you both (and the grandparents to be, also!) Get your sleep now!

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