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Thanks to the “bargain matinees” at Loewe’s we’ve seen two movies during the last two weekends.

First, Harry Potter. If you’ve seen it you know what you think of it.. if you’re going to see it I don’t want to spoil it and if you’re never going to see it you won’t care what I say. So, no big review for you. Sorry. I’ll just point out the things I liked… Ron Weasley’s new ‘R’ sweater, Snape’s ‘study hall’, Neville Longbottom (especially the ‘shoes around the neck’ scene). Neville has always been my favorite, so it was nice to see him grow and become his own person.

Rent. Did you see the play? Yes? You’ll probably like the movie. No? Maybe not. I loved the play in ’97 and the movie didn’t disappoint. They cut some songs and such which I was sad about, but the main plots/characters/songs were all there. I had a very hard time not singing along…too loudly.

What I did notice is that 80% of the theater that afternoon was comprised of teenagers. Kids who are 10 years younger than me. When I first saw Rent 8 years ago I thought that it was the most cutting edge, poignant, dangerous thing I’d ever seen. The topics of AIDS and homosexuality were so new to a sheltered country gal like me. The kids in this theater, however, laughed at this movie as if it was a comedy. I was shocked. They just didn’t seem to get the point. In today’s world those hot button topics from the eighties and nineties just seem mainstream today.

Well, now that I sound like an old curmudgeon…go see the movies and tell me what you think!

3 thoughts on “Recent Films

  1. Angela

    Jeremy and I are going to wait for Harry Potter – we’d have to see the first three movies first, so we’ll just watch them on DVD.

    You’re so lucky to have seen Rent in real life. I want to watch the movie, but first I want to get Jeremy (and myself!) to a show so that the movie doesn’t spoil it for him.

    Lucky Becky! =)

  2. Rebecca

    Yeah. I was taken to see it as a high school graduation present by a couple women from church. It was awesome.

    Peter hasn’t seen the show yet…but I don’t think the film ruined it for him. He’s heard the music enough and I had explained the characters and story to him. I think he’d still enjoy seeing it on stage…The movie doesn’t hold a candle to the live show.

  3. Peter

    Yeah, I definitely still want to see the show on stage. However, I’m not sure Jeremy would appreciate the movie if he hadn’t at least heard the Broadway soundtrack a few times… the movie doesn’t stand up very well on its own unless you know the songs.


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