Odd Symptom

As luck would have it, the last few months have been full of bad pregnancy symptoms and aweful cold symptoms. I’m feeling somewhat better now, but I have fully experienced morning sickness (morning, noon and night!), constant nausea, coughing, congestion, extreme exhaustion etc.etc.

Currently I am experiencing a completely unexpected symptom. I assume it is pregnancy related, but I can’t be sure. Looking in the mirror a few days ago I noticed something different…the bottom inch of my hair seemed to be turning blond!

I called Peter into the room and he confirmed my suspicions. Very weird. Here’s a picture that just barely shows the change. In real life it looks really blond!


7 thoughts on “Odd Symptom

  1. Angela

    The hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy are supposed to make your hair gorgeous — maybe it’s just emerging blond highlights… all in one place… at the tips of your hair!

  2. Terri F

    My normally frizzy, thick, out-of-control hair turned limp and straight, but came back after the delivery. Hormones are powerful things!

    I would mention the change to your doctor, and keep taking your vitamins – haircolor can be influenced by nutrition in the general population.

  3. christine

    my hair has not been the same since having kids, and that isn’t just the grey that “the boy” gives me. It is thinner, limper, and … older.

    Part of the natural process for sure, but I so miss my 25 year old hair. 39 is bummer hair.

    Make sure you get good dental care while pregnant. Hormones/pregnancy are killer on your gums and teeth!

  4. rebecca

    Christine: I am pretty careful when it comes to my teeth! I try to floss every day… but brushing my teeth has been sparking bouts of morning sickness. yuck.

    But I did have my 6mo cleaning at the dentist last week and despite the slowdown in flossing and the once a day brushing the chompers are still in fine form 🙂


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