Favorite Blogs of 2005

Peter and I collectively read over 200 blogs and websites every day (thanks to [Bloglines](http://bloglines.com/)). Out of all of those blogs, there are a couple that stand out this year as our favorites. Whenever we view one of these blogs, they make us laugh, smile, think, and wonder. We keep coming back to them day after day because of their interesting insights and observations.

**[(a)musings](http://www.amusings.net/clg/)**, by Christine

Christine is a fellow North Shore dweller, [Gordon](http://www.gordon.edu/) Grad, Oregon Extension alum and blogger. (We have alot in common!) Her musings center on her family, their adventures in life and geocaching, her love of [Barenaked Ladies](http://www.bnlmusic.com/), and some trials and tribulations associated with all of the above. We also love perusing her [flickr albums](http://www.flickr.com/photos/amusings/).

**[Mikao’s World](http://mikao.blogspot.com/)**, by Michelle

Representing the Great White North, Michelle blogs from chilly Canada. She talks about faith, travel, crafts, work and daily life…and her Hot Rod. We’ve been following her blog for almost 3 years now. Wow! I am pretty impressed at her artistic ability and creativity.

Congratulations to our favorite blogs of 2005. Keep up the good work!

4 thoughts on “Favorite Blogs of 2005

  1. christine

    I don’t read nearly as many as you guys do, but I sure do thank you for picking me out of the batch as one of your favorites. Humbled. Truly. We do have a lot in common and once your little pooper comes along, the connections will be even more so. Now, I just have to get you out geocaching… heh.

    Many blessings to you guys and the coming arrival in 2006. May the Lord guide each of your steps, and give you strength, sustaining love, and knowledge (which is power!) in all your decision makings.


  2. Peter

    Funny that you should mention Geocaching… we actually used to do it quite a bit ourselves. That is, up until I “misplaced” my GPS device (along with some other expensive electronics) on the way home from our trip to San Francisco in October, 2003. I’ve never gotten around to buying a new one, but it certainly is an activity we enjoyed for a while, and would probably enjoy again if the money for a GPS device worked its way into our budget.

    I have a ton of photos from our former Geocaching adventures. Maybe I should put them online again…

  3. Michelle

    Wow, I am so humbled to be one of your favourites!!! Thank you so much for being consistent readers and commenters, I hope some day we can meet in the future for real.

    And I can’t wait to see pictures of the new little Wood. 🙂 You can name them Michelle if you’d like. 😉


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