This pregnancy is…


So I am counting my blessings :). The constant morning sickness is over. The massive food aversions are over. The horrible cold is mostly over…and I’m feeling pretty good.

I went in for my monthly visit to the doctor today. She took my blood pressure, urine test, and weight. She measured my stomach and listened to the baby’s heartbeat. She pronounced everything, “perfect”.

That was very, very nice to hear.

The whole appointment, from walking in to walking out took a grand total of 15 minutes! For the most part this makes me happy. It is good to know that everything is going along smoothly. But there is still a teeny part of me that wants to shout, “this is the most amazing thing to happen to me!! Don’t you understand? Why do you seem so ‘business as usual’ with me??”

But again, it’s good to know that everything’s good 🙂

5 thoughts on “This pregnancy is…

  1. christine

    15 minutes is the norm. If there are no problems detected, a measurement of baby and you is all that is needed. Be sure to constantly voice even the smallest concerns that you have.

    Had I not said something to Dr. Delillo the day I went in for a 15 minute checkup, he never would have taken a “peek” and never would have discovered that i was literally on the verge of going into labor 2 whole months early. I thought it was nothing. Turns out it was something. Had I kept quiet, I might have delivered Geoff on Nov. 22nd in my bed.

    You know your body and how you feel the best, your doctor is concerned, but doesn’t need a lot of poking and prodding unless she detects a minor something that could possibly be major.

    keep us posted — may your belly grow joyful, and may you thoroughly enjoy this trimester… it’s the best of them!


  2. rebecca

    Christine: Yeah, I guess I’m not really surprised that it is so quick…They do make sure to go over things and answer my questions. I certainly don’t feel like I’m being rushed through.

    Also, it sounds like I’m at the same practice you were! I saw Dr.Delillo a couple months ago. I liked him alot.

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