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All the baby news you’ve been waiting for; and some you could probably live without!

As of this week I’ve been officially upgraded from the “once a month” Doctor’s appointment club to the “every two weeks” club. That’s exciting. Luckily my appointments take all of 15 minutes. I usually spend more time checking in and making my next appointment than I spend with the doctor.

And I’m okay with that. Everything is going along just swimmingly. I love hearing the heartbeat every time I’m there. I love hearing the nurses and the doctor proclaim “perfect” whenever they ‘do something’… like take my weight, measure my belly, hear the heartbeat, etc. It is comforting to know that things are going well, with little effort on my part.

The baby has been dancing up a storm in its own little uterine night club. It’s great that Peter can feel it from the outside, but most of the time I’ll say “oh! feel this!” and at that very instant the baby will freeze. My mom always says that kids will make a liar out of you every time. I guess this baby’s just getting a head start. “No, Peter. I promise there was dancing just a second ago! Really!”

We started our childbirth classes at the hospital this week as well. It is a six week course, once a week. There are 7 other moms and their partners in the class with us. The first night was, I think, a little awkward for everyone involved, but I suspect as time goes on it will get better. Most are in our age bracket, so I think once we get to know each other it will be much more comfortable.

Over all I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve gone headlong into the third trimester, and although I’m pretty tired most of the time, I still have plenty of energy when I need it. The walk to the train and to work (and back again) seems to take longer every week but I’m glad for the exercize.

Phew! That’s probably more than you wanted to know. If not, there’s the Baby FAQs off to the left there and you can always leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “BabyWood Update

  1. Tammy

    Beverly Hospital does a super job in their birthing classes. When I was pregnant we went to classes there as well. We had a mid-wife at the time. Garden City has terrific doctors in their practice. I actually went there when I was going to a pediatrician as a child. I miss being pregnant reading all of the exciting stuff you’ve written about the whole experience. Not much longer to go until the big day!

  2. Rebecca Post author

    Hi Tammy! I didn’t know you still lurked around here! 🙂

    Our commenting system hides comments from ‘new commenters’ until we have a chance to approve them. You won’t have that problem if you post again!

    I hope things are good with you and your family.

  3. Tammy

    Well, no actually, I faithfully read your blog (have done so since you left DSB). I left there and Salem last July and we moved out to metrowest (Northborough) still getting used to the way of living out here having grown up in Beverly. It’s good for the kids here and that is what is important. You and your husband do a terrific job with your blog!


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