Hi folks! Welcome to my second day as a “stay at home mom” 🙂

This past weekend we made some huge strides getting ready for BabyWood. My parents came over and we did a ton of cleaning and organizing and moving of furniture. Our office/sewing room has sucessfully been transformed into a nursery/guest room; and our living room is now much more of a multi-purpose room than it ever has been before!

ppp|Proud Papa to Be

Peter and the Crib


That is not to say, however, that we’re done. There is still a TON of stuff that has yet to find a permanent home. And my energy level fluctuates…so getting stuff done comes in waves.

More pics from the day can be found here.

On the Today Show today they had a segment on gDiapers. Peter and I have been considering these since we heard about them several months ago. It is interesting to see that they have made the mainstream media! The basic premise is that instead of washing soiled cloth diapers or tossing disposables you remove a flushable liner and flush it away. That sounds better to me than sending plastic to sit in a dump for the next 500 years!

The consensus on the Today segment (with two test families) was that the idea was good, but they were more bothersome to use. Now, I’ve changed a ton of diapers in my day, though none of them were on my own kids. I don’t want to make naive statements before our own kiddo comes home, but I think that a little bother with a diaper change may be worth saving the Earth… we’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. nikkiana

    The only thing that I’d be somewhat concerned about is toliet cloggage….

    I remember having tampons that advertised to be flushable, but the darn things could clog a toliet like nobody’s businesss…

  2. Peter

    Maybe you can download the photos of our work from the BeckyCam and put them up on the site… 🙂

    Ken and Dianne were a great help, and we loved having them come down! Can’t wait until there is actually a baby for them to come and see! 🙂

  3. Rebecca Post author

    N: I think you’d certainly have to use good judgement when it came to which toliets you’d flush them down…but they are designed to break down like toliet paper and come with a swish stick to help disolve it.

    P: I was planning on putting the pics up, but got a burst of energy and wanted to run errands first 🙂

  4. Mom

    It looks so cozy! I like the window near the crib. The furniture is very nice. All it needs is little Wood.!
    Glad you had such fine help!

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