Happy Due Date!

Today is Becky’s ‘official’ due date! As of 2:30 p.m., there’s no baby. Most babies aren’t born on their due dates, and most first time mothers give birth after their due dates, so we weren’t really expecting BabyWood to come today. So, what did we do for fun on the due date? We headed over to Lynch Park for a picnic!

ppp|Becky in the park|ppp

It was very sunny and warm out early on, but then it started to get cold and overcast. We had lunch, looked at the newspaper, and played a game of cribbage. Now we’re at home just hanging out. Doing a bit of cleaning and organizing and preparation, but generally just trying to rest and relax.

As of Becky’s last prenatal appointment (last Tuesday), she was 1 centimeter dilated. That means she was roughly one third of the way through early labor. It’s quite possible that she is currently going through early labor without even being aware of it – she hasn’t reported having any of the typical noticeable symptoms of early labor. Her next prenatal appointment is on Tuesday, so we’ll either have the baby before then, or we’ll at least find out how things are going. 🙂

One thought on “Happy Due Date!

  1. The Camerons

    Congratulations! Ah, your lives are about to change in a wonderful way! I have yet to make it to one of my due dates, my kids were always fighting to get out! 🙂 We will look forward to seeing the new little Wood! Hang in there Becky!


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