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Welcome to Due Date Plus One! No, I’m not planning on doing this for every day past the due date… 🙂 Tonight we ate at [Taco Bell](http://www.tacobell.com/) – yes, two people can eat a filling dinner for $4.99. 🙂 Then we did some grocery shopping at Market Basket. I brought along the BeckyCam to [document our outing](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/baby/due_date_plus_one/). Check out the photos to see what Market Basket deems as appropriate punishment for evil chickens…

12 thoughts on “DDPO Activities

  1. Ken F

    Are you still here? When’s that baby due?
    Oh yes, do whatever Becky tells you to do during delivery, but DO NOT CRACK JOKES! (Amy was almost without a father when she was born!)

  2. Beth

    I’m curious . . . was that 4.99 each or dinner for the both of you for 4.99? I’m impressed. As for birth advice, you’re on your own, but Taco Bell seems to be the way to go.

  3. Peter Post author

    We decided to play a game when we went to dinner tonight: buy dinner for less than $5. So yes, it was $4.99 total, for both of us. Here’s the breakdown:

    I had:

    * 1 bean burrito, $0.89
    * 1 cheesy bean and rice burrito, $0.99

    Becky had:

    * 1 double decker taco, $0.99
    * 1 crunchy beef taco, $0.79

    We shared:

    * 1 small drink (unlimited refills), $1.09

    • Subtotal: $4.75
    • Tax: $0.24
    • Total: $4.99

    Yummy and cheap! Had Becky ordered a soft taco instead of a crunchy taco, the price would have gone up $0.10 and it would have gone over $5!

  4. Peter Post author

    Nobody wants to think this, but it is possible that there could be FOURTEEN Due Date Pluses! Just warning everyone… please stay calm! 🙂

  5. Krista

    When there used to be a Taco Bell in Burlington, near the mall, I once calculated if you bought one of everything on the menu, including small medium and large of those that came in sizes, it came out to some ridiculous price of only $33.60. But that was when the regular hard tacos were like 79 cents.

  6. Peter Post author

    Krista: Actually, as I had mentioned in an earlier comment where I broke down the pricing for our dinner, you can still get tacos for $0.79. Most Taco Bells around here tend to jack up their prices, but the Taco Bell in Salem, MA has the baseline Taco Bell pricing, which includes crunchy beef tacos for $0.79 and bean burritos for $0.89. An example of a Taco Bell with bad pricing would be the one at the North Shore mall… they charge anywhere from 20-40 cents more for most of their items. When you’re trying to get a meal for under $5, that matters a lot. 🙂

  7. Tammy Leclerc

    I miss all of those places now that we live out here in Metro West. Do you guys have any pictures of lynch Park? We had our wedding pictures taken there coming up on 14 years this June! How time flys when your having fun or so they say.How all is well and we get to see some pictures of the little one soon! 🙂

  8. Leah Genuario

    Are there any Wood babies yet?!!! Lucas Daniel wants a MA playmate! Best wishes to all of you!


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