CatherineWatch: Day Four

We had a great day at the hospital today! Grandma and Grandpa Wood and Aunt Kirsten and Uncle Mark came in to say their farewells before heading back to Ohio. Catherine rose to the occasion and was without the breathing tube in her lungs. She now only has a little help from a tube in her nose. What an improvement!

She is also off the sedation medication, so she was moving around a little more like a newborn; waving her arms and legs and sticking her tongue out. Because she was no longer using the breathing tube we were finally able to hold her! What a great feeling. She and I settled into the rocking chair and were quite content for a while. By the time Peter got his hands on her she was a little frustrated with the tubes and decided she’d rather be back in her little isolette.

ppp|Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter


ppp|Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter


More Pics are here.

7 thoughts on “CatherineWatch: Day Four

  1. Jenny R.

    Yay, you got to hold your baby girl today! That’s so exciting. I’m so happy for you both, and glad she’s doing so much better!

  2. christine

    Wow! I missed a lot while having no internet access!

    Quite a dramatic story — Jess was in the special care nursery at birth for a day or so and now she’s 6 feet tall so I have full faith our Catherine will do wonderfully.

    Congratulations to you both. Many blessings of the Lord God on her to help her get well.


  3. jennifair

    Hurray for getting to hold Catherine today! What a cutie – can’t wait to meet her! So happy to see that she is getting better and better superquick. 🙂 Yay for sweet babies!

    Matt has the same machine (only bigger, of course) for nighttime to prevent snoring… they match!


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