Long Hill and the Friendship

fff|ppp|Long Hill

Long Hill


Saturday was a day of spontaneous decisions. The first led us to a morning stroll at the Trustees of Reservations’ Long Hill. I’ve known about this site for years but had never gone over to see it. Located right here in Beverly, it turned out to be an unexpected retreat from city life. We wandered the grounds of the mansion checking out the flowers and views and taking some photos (of course).

Feeling a bit peckish we ended up at the Beverly Panera for lunch. We had our laptop on hand and while surfing we saw that the Friendship was docked in Newburyport and was offering free tours.

fff|ppp|Peter, Becky, and Catherine

On the Friendship


Then and there we made the quick decision to head up to Newburyport for the afternoon. It turned out to be a great choice. We found a place to park fairly easily and joined the throngs of locals and tourists on the public wharf. I always enjoy activities like this but Catherine didn’t realize that going on her first tall ship was such an exciting event; She slept through the whole thing! See all the seaworthy pictures here.

2 thoughts on “Long Hill and the Friendship

  1. christine

    I really need to give you my phone number. i could have met you in nbpt or had you come by the house to see its historic goodness.

    i’ll drop you a mail so this opportunity doesn’t pass again.

    long hill is an awesome place. i love to go there and take pictures of stuff.

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