Tooting her horn

Do you know my friend Bethany? She’s a pretty cool gal. So cool, in fact, that she wrote the front page story of the Eagle Tribune today. It’s the one about the local Grocery store closing. She normally writes for a smaller subsidiary of the Tribune (Town Crossings), but had an opportunity to step up. Hooray for her! Go read her story!


Beth, Becky and Catherine


I have known Beth for nine years now! (wow!) She was a guest of mine in Shepherd 314 during my freshman year at Gordon. She and her sister Abby were up from Texas to visit Gordon as prospective students. Little did we know that 2 nights of watching Ilia Kulik would lead to years of friendship!

Here’s a funny story: When Beth came with us to visit Catherine at the hospital (see picture) she and Peter were sitting with the baby while I had stepped out of the nursery for a minute. While I was gone a doctor (whom I had only met once) stopped in to give us an update. He was talking to Peter and Beth and it wasn’t until he asked Beth how she was feeling that they realized that the doctor thought that Beth was me! I ran into him on my way back in and he said “oh, there you are!” I had no idea what he meant. Peter and Beth filled me in.

I can’t blame him, though. Check out the picture for yourself. We do look pretty similar!

Nice job on the article, Bethany! Keep up the good work!

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