Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from us and ours to you and yours!


Catherine has had a pretty exciting first Halloween! We attended two costume parties, one at [Chuck and Hannah](http://www.paradrone.com/) and Penelope’s

ppp|Shrek and Jack-o-Catherine|ppp

and one at Bethany and Holly’s.

ppp|Catherine, Becky, and Bethany|ppp

ppp|Catherine and Beth's Hat|ppp

Both were pretty fun and we all had fun dressing up.

Extra Halloween note: I saw this cat outside our window today. Do you think he knew that it was Halloween? He looks nice and spooky sitting there on the fencepost!

ppp|Black Cat|ppp

EDIT: The rest of the Halloween photos are [here](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/events/2006/Halloween/)

P.S. If you haven’t read our travelogue from our fall trip, be sure to [check it out](http://prwdot.org/2006/10/30/have-a-nice-trip-see-you-next-fall/)!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Kirsten

    She is absolutely the cutest baby girl in the whole world!! I love that first picture of her especially! Love, auntie Kirsten


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