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Catherine has been keeping us busy lately. It seems like we can go weeks without any major change in behavior or attitude and then, “BAM!” the changes come on full force.

We’ve really been enjoying watching her grow and learn and change over the past few months. Although I have a vague idea of which milestones she should be hitting, I haven’t memorized exactly when she should be achieving them. Her pediatrician is happy with her development and progress, so I am too. There are so many things to be worried about in life; I don’t need to add to the stress by comparing Catherine to all the other babies out there!

For the record, though, here’s an update. Catherine is a very happy, content baby. Her smiles and babbling can melt the hardest of hearts and has an adorable laugh that is only made more exciting by its unexpected appearances. She will play pretty independently with her play gym; kicking and grabbing at the toys. She will pass the rattle back and forth between her hands and will shake it like a Polaroid picture! Anything she can get her hands on will go into her mouth. She especially likes her crinkly book with the rubbery teething toys on it.

The teething rings are very popular at the moment since she has cut her first two teeth (the bottom front- in case you were wondering). She has been a wee bit fussy thanks to the new- and forthcoming- teeth, but the fussiness is nothing compared to to the drooling. I swear she leaks a gallon of drool a day onto the front of her shirt. Thank goodness for the hundreds of bibs we received when she was born!

In the last few days Catherine has strengthened her back muscles enough to keep herself sitting up if we set her up. She can’t pull herself up to sitting, but if she leans forward she can straighten back up. She’ll sit and play or look in the mirror all while sitting up. These new muscles have made it easier to experience some other new activities; playing in her exersaucer, sitting in the baby seat of the shopping carriage and riding in our baby backpack.

Sitting up and seeing more of the world has only made her want to get to more of it. She has rolled over once (with an illegal push-off during the flip!) but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it. Soon though, she’ll be rolling all over the place. Then we’re in trouble!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Wood Central!

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