For those who are following the story of the [explosion in Danvers](http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2006/11/22/explosion_rocks_danvers_several_hurt_none_seriously/), our Beverly apartment is about two miles away from the site, as the crow flies. My workplace in Peabody, [CBD](http://www.christianbook.com/), is about three miles away. No one in the Wood household felt or heard the explosion at 2:45 this morning, probably because we live in the basement, or possibly because, as new parents, our bodies needed the extra sleep much more than they needed to wake up and find out what had happened. Still, I’m pretty amazed that we didn’t notice it, since there are reports from people as far north as New Hampshire who felt the explosion.

In any case, stay tuned to [Boston.com](http://boston.com/) for more details.

3 thoughts on “Explosion

  1. liz

    We live in Salem and our house shook 2 appliances out of the cupboard and onto the floor. Our 8 month old woke up screaming. We had no idea what was going on but it was about 3am and we are sleep deprived and got the baby back to sleep and went back to sleep ourselves.

    Everything made sense this morning once we turned on the news!


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