To Our Readers…

Dianne, Ken, Corey, Ellie, Stan, Kirsten, Mark, Mark, Joan, Erroll, Kim, John, Joan, Susie, Marcia, Tom, Gabi, Grammy Q, Nana, Pop-Pop, Kay, Roger, Angela, Dale, Jennifer, Michelle, Joanna, Melanie, Bethany, Bethany Joy, Jeremy, Angela, Bob, Leah, Emily, Jackie, Nikkiana, Christine, Kirk, Amanda, Becky, Megan, Matt, Amanda, Andy, Lisa, Paul, Kate, Art, Leanne, James, Before Girl, Simon, Win, Xinhuan, Sharon, Jeff, Mike, Will, Amy, Josh, Ken, Terri, Jenny, Linda, Jill, Ben, Tammy, Marisa, Johanna…

ppp|Catherine and Becky|ppp


(We hope we didn’t miss anyone… but if you’re a regular reader, and you feel left out, please leave your name in the comments!)

7 thoughts on “To Our Readers…

  1. Bob, Leah and Lucas Genuario

    Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a great day yesterday opening up presents and eating many great holiday snacks. Snacks without dairy that is!

  2. christine

    merry christmas back at you! thanks for the christmas card and the lovely photo of the little queen. hopefully we can meet in real life sometime soon.

    much love in 2007. cheers!


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