Weekend in PA

This past weekend, Becky, Catherine and I drove down to [Schuylkill Haven, PA](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schuylkill_Haven) to visit with my Mom’s side of the family. We don’t get to see them very often, and when we do, it’s usually in the midst of Christmas festivities… not leaving a lot of time for any one-on-one interaction.

We stayed at the home of Mom’s sister Christine and her husband John. We relaxed at their house and were given the bed and breakfast treatment by Christine. We had a great time getting to see them, along with the rest of the Keefer clan who came over on Saturday evening for subs and high-stakes Uno. 🙂 Since I was enjoying spending time with my family, I didn’t take too many photos, but the ones I did take can be found [here](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/events/2007/pa_visit/) (family access is required to view the gallery).

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