Calendar Girl

I have finally gotten around to “switching over” my calendar from last year. It is an easy task of copying over birthdays, anniversaries, and other important info from last year’s calendar to this year’s. Simple as it is, I always put it off until after the craziness of the holidays. It is never as bad of a project as I make it to be in my mind.

The best part of this project is revisiting all of my events, appointments and schedules of the past year. Usually the past year is similar to the current year, but this time around the changes have been huge. It was interesting to see my old work schedule dominating the calendar pages. I could see all of my OB appointments and finally Catherine’s birthday. Wedding dates, cookouts, vacations and even baby milestones (first teeth!) remind me of all the fun times we’ve had with people we love.

As a sporadic journaler it is awesome to have this daily record of our lives. It reminds me of so many good times (and even some not so good) and events and gives me a marker of how much our lives have changed in such a short time.

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