The Fruit of Stone by Mark Spragg

A modern day Cowboy story. (No, not that modern day cowboy story!)

Spragg allows his readers to slowly discover the characters in his book. Each short character vignette builds upon the previous one and each gives new insight into the lives of McEban, Bennett, Ansel, Gretchen and others. Spragg explores the decisions made in life and how those decisions are influenced by past events and trusted loved ones.

I’ve never been to Montana or Wyoming but the descriptions in this book make me want to pack my bags, find a dude ranch and saddle up.

[for those of you just tuning in: this is the eighth book in my series Authors: Z-A. Next up, R]

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  1. jennifair

    Hey sweetie… I love to read your book reviews. I listened to a book recently that you might enjoy. (It is nonfiction, though, but the narriative reads really well)…. The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece by Jonathan Harr. It might be interesting!

  2. Jenny R.

    Yes, you definitely want to go to Montana! Check out the Glacier National Park region of the state. It’s isolated and quiet and just absolutely beautiful. I’m going out there for a week this summer and can’t wait! The next time you’re considering a vacation I’d really recommend it. We used to live out there and it’s simply AMAZING.


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