March Madness

I know, March is over, but I wanted to highlight some of the craziness from the month:

  • March 2-8: Tried to figure out how to satisfy the master insurance requirements to close on our condo, since we couldn’t get in touch with the other unit owner to find the actual master insurance policy. Ended up taking our our own provisional master insurance policy until we are able to obtain the info on the policy our condo fee is paying for.
  • March 6: Becky’s camera, a Canon PowerShot A530, stopped holding its battery charge. We sent it in to Canon for in-warranty repair.
  • March 7: I had a dentist appointment to fill three cavities.
  • March 9: We closed on our condo. The one hour we spent at the closing procedure was probably the easiest part of the whole deal.
  • March 10: First day of work on the condo.
  • March 11-30: Many days (for Becky and Catherine) and evenings (for the three of us) of work on the condo and trips to Home Depot, IKEA, etc.
  • March 11: Over at the condo, I dropped my Panasonic DMC-FZ20 * digital camera on the floor and the lens ceased to function. Unfortunately, it is out of warranty, and in any case, the warranty wouldn’t cover accidental damage. Luckily, it is scheduled under our homeowner’s insurance policy, which does cover accidental damage, so I sent it off for a repair estimate. Becky’s camera hadn’t arrived back yet, so we were without a digital camera for a few days.
  • March 13: Consultation with oral surgeon regarding one of my wisdom teeth that had erupted. Scheduled an appointment to extract said wisdom tooth.
  • March 14: Becky’s camera was returned and was functioning normally once again.
  • March 20-23: My dad flew out from Ohio for a few days to help us out with the condo.
  • March 21: I had another dentist appointment to fill two more cavities.
  • March 22: I had my wisdom tooth extraction. They only had to remove one tooth, and it had already erupted from the gum, so it was pretty much a five-minute deal under local anesthetic. Grab the tooth, yank it out, done. Still, the anxiety before the appointment was more than enough.
  • March 24: Went to Jenny‘s Pseudo-St. Patrick’s Day Party.
  • March 26: Catherine turned 10 months old!
  • March 26-30: Last week for cleaning up and packing up in the old apartment.
  • March 31: Ken, Dianne, Corey, Becky, and Peter did a blitz to move everything from the old apartment to the new condo. Catherine mostly slept or watched. It took two trips in a 12-foot Penske truck, plus a few carloads, to get everything over. By the end of the day, Catherine’s room was all set for her to sleep in, we had our toiletries out, and we had a bed made to sleep in. The real tasks of unpacking would begin the following day(s)…

Of course, I haven’t even mentioned the all kinds of busy I was at work during the month. With all of that, it certainly made for a mad March. Now we’re starting to settle in, finish unpacking, and relax a bit before the next phase of our project, finishing off the basement. Hopefully we’ll be able to blog some more, and share more about the house, life, and everyone’s favorite ten-month-old, Catherine. 🙂

*I did eventually get the camera back on April 9. Repairs cost $400 (a new camera would cost $600) which will be fully covered by our homeowner’s insurance. If you have any cameras or computer equipment that are even moderately expensive, scheduling them under your homeowner’s insurance is a very good idea. It’s incredibly cheap (less than $20 per year for our ‘big’ camera, camcorder, and all of our computer equipment) and by scheduling it, you don’t pay a deductible if you have a claim.

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