Two for One

Don’t we all want to get our money’s worth? If there was a choice between doing one thing that brought about one result, or doing a similar thing that brought about two results which would you choose? Is it human nature to want to “kill two birds with one stone?”

I am always game for a good bonus which is why I love my next step in becoming more Earth friendly. Instead of driving circles around the parking lot in order to find a parking spot near the building I am trying to park in the first spot I come across.

What are the benefits? First, by parking quickly my car uses less gasoline and emits less exhaust. It is better for the environment AND for my wallet. Does it get any better? Yes!

Sometimes the first spot I come to is close to the door. Most of the time, however, it isn’t. That’s where benefit number two comes into play. Taking that first spot forces me to walk a little farther to get to where I’m going. So in addition to saving the planet I’m getting a little exercise.

I used to justify idling waiting for a close spot by saying that it would take too long to walk in. Or that it was too cold/hot/bothersome to walk so far. In reality, most times it would be quicker to park and walk in than it would be to wait for a close spot to open up. There goes my excuse!

I can’t say that I won’t jockey for some “rockstar” parking every now and then. Rain, snow, wind and glaring heat will tempt me and I will probably give in. I can only promise to resist those demons as often as possible.

4 thoughts on “Two for One

  1. Leanne

    There are a few great articles in this month’s Body & Soul magazine that made me think of you. Pick it up if you can, or let me know and I can photocopy some of the stuff I want to hang on to for reference. There’s a cool cheat sheet with about 50 things to do to be more eco-friendly.

  2. Jenny R.

    I’m trying to do this more often as well; the exercise benefit is good. I went to Target the other day, and it was a beautiful day out, so I parked in the first spot I came to; it happened to be out in Timbuktu, but with the sun and the nice breeze it was actually rather enjoyable 😀


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