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If you haven’t noticed, dads aren’t exactly the cat’s pajamas these days. From their portrayal on television, often as insensitive, clueless oafs, to the notable absence of fathering resources in print and online journals, dads are often treated as second-class citizens. This treatment is not totally undeserved – there are a lot of terribly misguided fathers out there, from the jerks who leave their wives and kids to the well-meaning dads who are nonetheless ignorant of their families’ needs. However, I don’t think that the dads are entirely to blame. Society and the media have done little to help shape up dads – probably because of the old adage that there’s more money to be made in prolonging the problem than there is in finding a solution. We’ve spent enough time complaining about dads; now we need to do something to help them. We need dads to have more positive role models, more resources, and a higher standard of living. I’d like to help do my part by filling this website with my thoughts, observations, research, and musings on the subject of being a better dad. I’ll also mix in posts about interesting or funny parenting news, gadgets, and life updates from my family. I hope that my readers will join me on this quest to improve the lives of dads, as well as moms, kids, and anybody else who finds the information useful or thought-provoking.

This website is dedicated to my loving and supportive wife Rebecca, who encouraged me to share my thoughts. This website is also dedicated to my beautiful daughter Catherine, on the occasion of her first birthday. Together, Rebecca and Catherine are my motivation for becoming a better father, husband, and person.

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  1. Terri Farnham

    Peter, For truly inspirational thinking on parenting (particularly of boys, but of young children generally) and fatherhoood, check out Even though we are far beyond that stage of parenting, I find his thoughts and outlook to be a breath of fresh air.


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