Slowly, but surely, we are settling into our new place. Boxes have been unpacked, pictures are up on the walls, the cupboards are filled…and now there are curtains hung.

In Catherine’s room, at least!

Catherine's Curtains

I spent the afternoon sewing up those little beauties. It is such a wonderful feeling to start and finish a project and have it look so nice. I’ve made curtains before, but I think that these are, by far, the nicest. Catherine definitely has the best room in the house! See more detail in the curtain gallery.

Today was also the maiden journey for my new Gingher Shears. Oh bliss!

7 thoughts on “Curtains!

  1. Grandma Wood

    Catherine’s room is complete with the cheery mommade curtains. I have a little quilt and pillow in the same colors that a mom made for me with tiny pink frogs all over. I will pass it on. Love to all, GEllie

  2. Rebecca Post author

    Thanks everyone for all the kind words! I never thought of myself as much of a designer, but I’m really happy with the way the nursery has turned out…and I’m not quite done with it yet!

    Amanda-I love the bumper pattern as well. I didn’t make it though. My Mom found it on super clearance at a Pottery Barn outlet store.


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