Momma’s Day

I’ve had the title “Momma” for 50 weeks now. Almost a year! I’ve had GREAT-Mom days and WORRIED-Mom days and SLEEPY-Mom days and SILLY-Mom days…

But today is my first Mother’s Day.

Peter planned a wonderful day for me. We went to church, scooted out and made a quick stop at home where I received a yummy “Edible Bouquet“. The fruit was just an appetizer to hold me over. Lunch was still yet to come.

We hopped back into the car and took off for destinations unknown (to me, at least). 62 West, 128 South, 1 South, the Tobin Bridge, the Leverett Connector…The Boston Museum of Science? Yes! Even as we pulled into the parking lot I still didn’t know the plan. Would we see the butterfly exhibit? The Planetarium Show? Was there a new exhibit I hadn’t heard about yet? It was a game of 20 questions, but the only answer was “I don’t know…”

I followed Peter into the lobby and up to a registration table for the “Mother’s Day Brunch”. At the MOS? Indeed. At the top of the elevator, the 6th floor; at the end of the hallway; in a room surrounded by windows with views of the Charles River, Boston and Cambridge; was a lovely Brunch by Wolfgang Puck Catering.

Above BostonThe food was wonderfully elegant without being intimidating. The view was post card perfect and I couldn’t have asked for better company. Catherine was a perfect little lady and graciously accepted compliments from the hostess and waitstaff. It was a delightfully grown-up and special outing. It was tempting to spend the whole day there looking out over the city.

After lunch we wandered the museum. Catherine was particularly taken with the Cotton Topped Tamarins and the baby chicks. I never get tired of the MOS. What a perfect day.

Today was actually our second day in Boston this weekend. Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day (or Nonni’s Day) with my Mom and Dad and Corey. We all met up in Copley Square and went to B Good for lunch.

Three burgers, a chicken sandwich, a spinach salad, two orders of fries, two shakes, a cranberry juice and a water later we were back out on the street headed to the Public Garden. On the way we paused for a three generation pic in front of Trinity Church.

Mom had wanted to ride the Swan Boats last year on Mother’s Day, but anyone in the area will remember how incredibly rainy it had been last year. By postponing to this year Catherine was able to come along! As usual the Swan Boat ride was peaceful and offered sights of some lovely scenes; a sweet group of goslings, Romeo and Juliet (the resident swans), three sunbathing turtles, and a bride and groom taking wedding photos.

We found a park bench and a sweet treat to end the day. Catherine surprised us all by going crazy over frozen lemonade. One taste just wasn’t enough! She would do whatever possible to get another mouthful!

Now, if only we could have swung an outing with Grandma Ellie the weekend would have been complete! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

Check out all the pics from Saturday and Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Momma’s Day

  1. Jenny R.

    The Tamarinds are so fascinating! I love watching them, and I can see how Catherine would love them, too. I’m glad you had such a wonderful Mothers’ Day Weekend! 😀

  2. christine

    that is wonderful… from someone who has had 13 mothers days (jess was born 1 month after mother’s day 1992…) i am so glad you got to enjoy the day there. congrats!


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