the State House, Poison Ivy and a Play Date

Per usual, it has been busy here in the Wood Household. Daily life plus anything extra leaves little time and energy for blogging. Many apologies.

Catherine and I spent most of Wednesday morning at the Massachusetts State House. I’m honestly not sure I had ever been in before. What an experience. We met up with 10-12 other moms and did our part to help protect the rights of Breastfeeding Moms here in the Bay State.

I’d never lobbied for anything before and was surprised by how low key the whole process was. I called and made appointments with my legislators last week. It was easier than making a doctor’s appointment! Yesterday we met up with the whole group for some orientation and then were sent out on our own to speak with the senators and reps. Everyone at the State House was hustling and bustling around but we were able to speak to a few people and get the word out.

I’m glad to have had the chance to speak up for women’s rights as they pertain to nursing in public. I wish with my whole heart, however, that this wasn’t even an issue. There are so many other bigger, badder fish to fry-it is a shame we’re spending our time on this.


In other news, I have contracted my yearly round of poison ivy. I swear, all I have to do is think the words “poison ivy” and I break out into a rash. This year seems particularly bad. I’ll save you the gory details but I am having trouble bending my left elbow.


Last, but not least, Catherine and I took advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been having and took a jaunt up to Gloucester. We met up with some friends-Roselle and Maggie- and walked the boulevard. After some playtime on the slides and swings we picnicked on the beach at Stage Fort Park before heading home.

Catherine and Maggie were cute together; curious as to each other’s existence, but not too interested in playing with each other 🙂

7 thoughts on “the State House, Poison Ivy and a Play Date

  1. Angela

    Oooooo, those arms do not look like they’re feeling good! I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid poison ivy my entire life… so far… probably due to an unreasonable fear of it. If it looks like it has “leaves of three”, I “let it be” by running in the opposite direction. =)

    Little girlies in their sunhats – can I say that’s a cute picture? Are you tired of the word “cute” yet?

  2. Rebecca Post author

    Dad: THANK YOU! 🙂

    Angela: You are so lucky! And no, my arms do not feel good at all! And having the baby makes it worse; holding her, picking her up, etc. Yuck!

    Also, no, I never get tired of the word cute. I use it at least two hundred times a day. Yikes! Those hats were super cute!

  3. Ben

    Um, not sure how I feel about women breastfeeding in public. I guess it should be done discreetly, but there probably shouldn’t be a law against it. I guess I’ve never seen a problem with women using breastfeeding as an excuse to wave their body parts around. I wonder how this even came to be an issue?

    I don’t get poison ivy! Every year I test just to make sure and roll around in it. The other day I petted some with both hands while on a walk in the woods. Come to think of it, a week later I WAS a little itchy on one forearm. Hrm.

  4. Rebecca Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Ben.

    a) I don’t know how nursing in public became an issue. Some uptight people must have decided it was a problem and then the herd mentality took over. No mother wants to expose herself at the mall/ballgame/restaurant- she is just feeding her child. End of story. I wish more women would do it so that breastfeeding is seen as normal.

    b) You are incredibly lucky. Poison ivy is no fun at all. Be forewarned, however, I’ve heard that immunity can come and go throughout life…


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