feeling special

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Peter. He let me know that we would be attending a ‘special event’ on July 10th and that we would need a babysitter. I love a good surprise, so I didn’t ask questions I just set about finding a babysitter.

Turns out the ‘special event’ was a special preview viewing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie before its release date. The showing was arranged by a company that Peter’s company does business with and they had bought out a local theater. There were several other people from CBD in attendance as well as folks from other companies. We were given complimentary snacks and a goodie bag with HP glasses and some jelly beans (not earwax flavored!). The bags also had raffle tickets in them. My ticket was actually drawn and I won a Hogwarts key chain 🙂

I am feeling slightly privileged to have gotten to see the film early. Heck I wasn’t even planning on seeing it anytime soon! I won’t write any reviews or any thoughts because there are folks that read this that wouldn’t appreciate it.

In any case, the night was quite fun and I hope you enjoy this pic we took once we got home!

5 thoughts on “feeling special

  1. Jenny R.

    That’s really exciting for you 😀

    We went last night and the film just blew me away. I’m even MORE pumped for the book now, if that’s even possible!

    It was really good to see you all on Thursday; I had a lovely evening out with you!

  2. christine

    that is so awesome… love the glasses.
    and i’m glad peter’s got some sweet connections through CBD! that’s cool.

    i can’t wait to see the movie. better yet — i can’t wait to read the last book. i’m losing my mind waiting!


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