Portsmouth Children’s Museum

We have had a very (very!) busy week.

On Monday Catherine and I made a second trip to the Portsmouth Children’s Museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We decided it would be more fun if we took Dad along this time! The three of us had lots of fun exploring the museum. Especially exciting was the Music Matrix. I’m not sure who had more fun with it- Catherine or her parents!

The museum is still a bit above Catherine- which is great because we still have many trips ahead of us before she outgrows it. Even so, there is tons of stuff for her to do. She played around with the exhibits meant for older kids and had a great time watching everyone else. The museum even has a special room on the top floor specially designed for the under 4 crowd. It has a train table, playstands, puppets, books and a great collections of random ‘things’ for the little ones to touch, turn, toss, and explore.

After a good time at the museum we headed into town for some lunch. Our destination was an old haunt of mine during my Strawbery Banke days; Dos Amigos Burritos. Yum, yum. Peter and I both had (and loved!) the sweet potato burrito while Catherine devoured her own kid sized order of rice and beans.

All the pictures from the day are here. Stay tuned for more news from the week!

3 thoughts on “Portsmouth Children’s Museum

  1. christine

    we went to the PCM a LOT when the boy was little. it was a wonderful place to be. I think we spent his 6th birthday there, with a couple of friends, my sister… and had dinner at the gaslight company.

    it is a wonderful place!


  2. Rebecca Post author

    🙂 Just thinking about them again makes my mouth water! Here’s the description from their website:

    Rice, black beans, lettuce, Salsa Fresca, Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream or yogurt, Ranchero Sauce (Mild, Medium, Hot or XXX) and Choice of Fillings all wrapped in a wheat or white flour tortilla.

    the ‘filling’ in our case was the sweet potato. mmmmmmm!


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