John Leslie Wood, Jr.

No sooner had Becky posted her previous entry about Human Fun Day, when we received a terrible phone call. My uncle, John Wood Jr, who had been at that party just ten days earlier, had just passed away. He was just sixty years old, and on the evening of August 28, 2007, he died suddenly in his home of a heart attack. It’s hard to believe that just ten days earlier, he had been in our own backyard with his wife, brother, sister, children, grandchildren, niece and nephews, laughing, chatting, playing bocce and enjoying a cookout, I remember how his son was taking a toronto first aid training because he wanted to be there for his dad if he ever needed him. It makes Becky and I all the more thankful that we were able to plan that get-together and get such a large group of family together, just in time, as it turned out. What’s even more amazing is that I was able to convince everyone to sit for a series of family photos during the cookout, so we have a wonderful memory of that time we spent together.

This weekend we attended memorial services for John, and while it wasn’t the happiest occasion for us all to be together again, I was glad that we had such good recent memories to think of when we got together to remember his life.

We’ll all miss John sorely, and we’ll surely remember the good times we’ve had in all of our future family get-togethers.

John, left, with my father Stan and my aunt Joan

John’s obituary can be found here.

4 thoughts on “John Leslie Wood, Jr.

  1. christine

    peter and becky, i’m very sorry for your loss. it is always shocking to lose someone who is not elderly. last year when doug’s uncle died at fourth of july weekend, we were stunned. we hadn’t seen him for a while, because our trips didn’t coincide with his being home in town. he was always traveling to go fishing and visiting buddies and stuff. he was 58.

    one always feels like one has that “time” to catch up, you know? it’s sad when we’re suddenly washed with the realization that it won’t be happening.

    i’m praising that you had the recent visit, the fun, the good times… and i hope his family embraces that praise as well.

    my thoughts and prayers go out to all. may God walk with each of you and provide for your needs at this time.


  2. Bethany Joy Lange

    Our love & prayers go out to you all. I had an uncle die at a young 64, but we had 10 months to “prepare” for it – from a brain tumor diagnosis to death.

    Still hard to accept that reality that death happens to everyone and we don’t know the time – not always when we’re 98 and ready for it.


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