NPDITC, we barely knew ye

It only has five posts, but I’ve decided to bring Nobody Puts Daddy In The Corner to an end. I had started out hoping to be an entertaining and insightful ‘daddy blogger,’ perhaps along the lines of Dad Gone Mad, but without the profanity. As it turns out, it takes a lot of time to think up and write good posts, and even more work to build a blog into a success. At the same time, I’ve posted very little on this blog that we already have. So I’ll soon be taking down NPDITC, and integrating its posts into this blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to devote some more time to our regular blog. Thankfully, our blog has two authors, and I’m glad that my wife has been holding down the fort for both of us.

So here’s to my short-lived daddy blog. Maybe some day when I’ve got more time and more interest, I’ll try something similar. For now, stay tuned to World Wide Wood!

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