a Road Trip by the Numbers

Catherine and Nonni driving
3 eager travelers
1 car
4 tanks of gas
1930 miles
$19.08 in highway tolls
31ish hours of driving
5 overnights
3 overnight locations
1 blushing bride
2 handfuls of crayons tasted

It has been a busy few days for Catherine, my Mom and I. We went from home to Buffalo, NY; Buffalo to Mount Vernon, Ohio; Mount Vernon to Springfield, Ohio…and then turned around and drove the same route in reverse.

My dear friend, Heather, was a beautiful bride and Jeffrey, her husband, a fine gentleman. Mom, Catherine and I had a lovely time celebrating with them.

We spent a long time on the road, but had a great time traveling. The weather was warm and sunny and we enjoyed watching the leaves change color along the highways.

2 thoughts on “a Road Trip by the Numbers

  1. Melanie

    Who ate the crayons? Was it you? I’m sure it wasn’t Catherine.
    It was great seeing you on the way through. The library was very boring after you left.


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