There are few things better, in my mind, than shopping for baby clothes. Every little outfit is so soft and adorable and colorful. You can get away with things like frilly collars and ruffles that you can’t do with older kids. I just love looking through racks and racks of little dresses and sweaters and onesies and shoes!

But filling a baby’s wardrobe with new outfits can be very expensive. It also takes a huge toll on the environment. Each outfit has needed energy to produce it and fuel to get it to our stores. We buy the cute little clothes, dress baby up, snap a few pictures and, before you can say monkey, your little one has grown out of them. Wash, rinse, repeat with the next size up.

There are a couple of age old, time tested, practices that can keep your baby clothed in style, your wallet full and the earth happy: Buying used and Hand-me-downs. We’ve done both in the past couple of weeks.

Twice a year, here on the North Shore, the Children’s Drop and Shop is held. It is a several day event- the first few days local parents drop off anything they want to consign- labeled and on hangers. All these clothes, toys, etc. are put on display and the last few days you can go back and buy. Everything is clean and in great condition and usually at 50% off the retail or greater!

I only found a couple things to buy this time around but I got great deals on them. A Gymboree brand collared shirt (with the tags still on) for $1. (normally $15-$20) and this super cute dress for $7! It is a win win win situation. The clothes are all being reused which the earth loves, they’re cheap which I love, and the consigner gets a percentage back which they love.

We also love hand me downs! Catherine’s fall wardrobe has been almost completely stocked by two wonderful women: my cousin Angela and my good friend Joanna. Their girls have grown out of some nice clothes and Catherine is more than happy to wear them. Hand me downs are almost always more comfy since they’ve already been worn in! Again, the more times these clothes get worn, the less strain on the environment there is.

We are fortunate to have a great children’s sale and some even greater friends and family. You can check out your local thrift shops, yard sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army, craigslist or Freecycle for some great deals on earth friendly kids clothing.

2 thoughts on “Hand-me-Downs

  1. christine

    New baby clothes are cool, but on a budget we always bought used.

    Every quarter/season, I would make a pilgrimage with a friend to meet up for lunch and go shop at The Children’s Orchard for all our kids’ clothing. When they’re little, they outgrow things so fast and things aren’t worn out. I had a batch of stuff that came from sarah to my Jess, over to natalie, back to Geoff, over to Mary, Nathan and Christopher. Five, six kids, and who knows how many more before it made it to my house… I think they have a location in Beverly. there used to be one in Ipswich/Rowley but the owner retired and sold.

    I highly recommend them… never was disappointed in the savings. Old Navy, Gymobree, the Gap, Rugged Bear… stuff that is 40 bucks a shot for 5 or 8 bucks max.

  2. Kirk & Amanda Cameron

    I love hand me downs! Bethany has been blessed by my BF, it has been so awesome. I was the first with my friends and family to have a baby with Brady so I didn’t get much with him, but I’m happy that I can bless some one with his clothes! 🙂


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