Jeremy and Angela

Yesterday, we drove up to Claremont, NH to visit our friends Jeremy and Angela. We got to see the renovations they’ve made to their house so far, and also talked about the upcoming house projects they have (which you can read about at their website). We got to check out the HTPC that Jeremy built, played some Wii, and enjoyed some cooking and baking from Angela (awesome “everything” cookies and lime chicken).

Catherine also had a ball driving the cats crazy and testing the babyproofness of their house. Cats are certainly creatures of habit. Even more so when it comes to food. If you’re fed up with your cat waking you up the small hours of the morning a timed feeder might be just what you need. These dispense food at a pre-programmed time and in a set amount and should keep your cat out of your bedroom until a much more reasonable time. 🙂

You can see the rest of the photos from the day here.

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