Heading Home

Friday morning saw Catherine and I packing up, eating breakfast and saying our goodbyes to Kirsten and Mark. We hopped in the car and proceeded to shuffle off to Buffalo. The rain stayed with us the whole trip, but we enjoyed the tap, tap, tap that it played on the roof.

Catherine especially liked playing with the Lyttles, our hosts for the night:


Making noise with the windchimes

bouncy ball

Bouncing a ball

3 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. Melanie

    Gee, what a lovely place to stay. Those Lyttles sure are nice to let you stay with them. It’s a shame about their older daughter though. She’s not a good hostess. She wasn’t even in town when you passed by her home on Friday. She was at a pointless workshop she had to go to for her job.

    At least the rest of her family is friendly. Where did they go wrong with her. 😉

  2. Grandma Ellie

    I love the pic of Catherine and Auntie Kirsten.
    So glad you made it home safely.
    We loved having you!

  3. Kirsten

    It was fun to have you for the week and to celebrate my birthday! Catherine and Luke are too cute in their hats:) Kirsten


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