An Announcement

Peter and I are happy to announce that, come the end of February, our little Catherine will be a big sister!

Catherine Prepares

We haven’t really told her yet (9 months is a long time to wait when you’re 2!) but I did discover her reading my most recent library book. She must have a gut feeling and want to be prepared!

16 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. Bethany Joy Lange

    Yay! I haven’t been online much for a while due to our move and trouble getting internet hooked up…and even then I spend most of my online time looking for houses. But today I decided to catch up on some friends…and see this! Big news. Great joy! Congrats.

  2. kirsten

    I can’t wait to meet this new addition!! Catherine will be a great big sister!!! Love to you all and we are praying for all 4 of you!!
    Aunt Kirsten

  3. Rebecca Post author

    Thanks everyone! We’re pretty thrilled!

    Amber, no, we’re not planning a homebirth…but I do espouse the homebirthy principles. Catherine’s delivery was an unmedicated hospital birth and I’m hoping for a repeat performance in that department.

  4. Amber Rhoton McCann

    Well, I’m hold firmly to the belief that our bodies are strong and capable! I had three hospital births but all from, as you say, a homebirth perspective. Had circumstances been different both personally and legally in MD, we might have chosen otherwise but I loved each and every one of my births in different ways. We’ll be praying God’s perfect peace on you through the whole birth journey.

  5. christine

    hey! congrats… i was wondering when the greatest baby on earth would become the greatest big sister ever.

    very happy for you three.

    wishing you health and comfort through february. i hope the next one’s arrival isn’t as nerve wracking.

    much love!

  6. Susie

    Congrats! So exciting! Hugo and Elliott are hoping for a boy (big surprise) and are very excited to have another cousin!
    Let’s do Peabody Museum soon – Have Fridays off


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