The Curious Incident with the Tree in the Night-Time

Peter and I both woke up around 7:15 this morning. He went downstairs for something and I went to the bathroom and back to bed. A minute or two later I heard the baby gate swing closed and moments after that Peter came into our room and said, “You need to go look outside!”

Still groggy from waking up, and a little bothered that I wasn’t still in bed, I stumbled out to the front door, stepped outside and saw this:

tree vs. car

We knew that a big storm had blown through, but had no idea it was causing this kind of damage! Peter and I quickly assessed the cars and much to our surprise there seemed to be no damage at all! What a blessing and a miracle! I’d imagine that had the cars been smashed, the following activities would not have been as much fun as they were!


Surveying the tree


Trimming the branches


Accepting help from a neighbor with a chainsaw


Thanking the Lord for two undamaged cars!

By 8:15 the tree had been totally cleared from the yard by Peter, neighbor, Catherine and myself. Not bad for an hours worth of work! All the pics from our adventure can be found in their gallery album here.

3 thoughts on “The Curious Incident with the Tree in the Night-Time

  1. Peter

    I cannot explain how our cars were undamaged or how the tree branch landed in the way it did other than the pure grace of God! I wish I had been there to see how exactly it came down!


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