Modern Archaeology

I was bushwacking and cutting some brush on the far side of our driveway today. As I kicked around some branches on the ground I dislodged an historic artifact. Brushing off the dirt with my shirt I discovered it to be a Motorola i1000plus cellular phone; circa 2001.

open phone

It’s huge, doesn’t turn on, has moisture in the screen and has become Catherine’s favorite plaything. She’s been calling all her friends on it for the past several hours!


3 thoughts on “Modern Archaeology

  1. jennifair

    Oh dear. She inherited the techy-gadget gene, did she?? 😉
    The pic of her is hilarious. I love it! Oh – and Matt has a digital photo frame at work with a bunch of pics that circulate through, and one is of C, Matt and myself… the happy family???? Haha!

  2. Bethany Joy Lange

    Simon has at least 2 cell phones that I know of – Adam’s old work cell from Silver City, and also the retired phone of one of his godfathers. I cringed at first (I’m pretty anti-cell phone, typically) but without batteries I guess they’re harmless enough. Funny to see a tot on a cell though!


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