Thirty things to like about Peter

1. He’s a hard worker.
2. When he reads stories he always does the voices. *
3. He’s got great taste in music.
4. And knows all the words.
5. And sings along loud in the car.
6. He is very patient.
7. He likes having nice clean spaces.
8. He is always up for an adventure.
9. He’ll make dinner if I don’t feel like it.
10. He keeps up to date on the news.
11. He’s a great source of interesting websites.
12. He always puts his family first.
13. He does his research to get a good deal.
14. He’s learning to ‘do ponytails’.*
15. He’s always willing to try something new.
16. He’s good at planning trips. Even if we don’t really get to go.
17. He’s always working on improvement.
18. He’s a great tower builder.*
19. And never minds them being kicked over.*
20. He’s generous.
21. He’s fun to have on road trips.
22. He takes awesome photos.
23. He always takes the time to sing “Fancy Pants” *
24. He’s very quiet in the morning while getting ready.
25. He thinks George is funny. *
26. His spelling is impeccable.
27. He always fixes my computer!
28. He’s always ready to ‘Run for the Border”
29. He keeps our website ship shape.
30. He is truly a man of God.
*Submitted by Catherine


Happy, Happy 30th Birthday to Peter. The best husband and Papa around!

9 thoughts on “Thirty things to like about Peter

  1. Bethany Joy Lange

    So sweet…I can tell by the fact that you posted this that you’re a great wife & Mama too! And who/what’s George?

  2. MOM

    What a wonderful commendation on your birthday, Peter!
    I agree with it all!
    Have a terrific birthday!
    love you!

    You were the Mount Vernon Spelling Bee champion… remember how we practice camouflage

  3. Heather Neuharth

    As they say in Winnie the Pooh, Hipy Hapy Bthuthday, Peter! Indeed, that is the best resume of excellent qualities I’ve read in a loong time! Happy Birthday from the Neuharths! We look forward to visiting with you soon.

  4. Jenny R.

    I wish you a happy belated birthday! I will also wish you a very merry un-birthday as well, since that is never belated! 😀


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