Long Overdue Ohio Trip Report (LOOTR)

We’ve been home a couple weeks now and have yet to report on our excursion westward to Ohio. In hopes of inspiring some of you to visit Central OH, here is a photographic look at our week in the Buckeye State.

Thursday and Friday: Go West, Young Woods!


Saturday: Lehman’s and Orrville Jumpin’ Punkin’ Train Ride

Sunday: Catherine’s New Dress and the Children’s Garden


Monday: Columbus Zoo!


Wednesday: Playground, Leatherlips, Corn and Friends


Friday: Visiting the Lyttles

Saturday: Heading Home

2 thoughts on “Long Overdue Ohio Trip Report (LOOTR)

  1. Marc

    Hey, think you could link my wife’s blog to the Gordonexus site?

    She graduated Dec 2000 (she was originally class of 2001, take your pick which you wanna put her under.) Maiden name Ventura. blog:




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