Toasty and Frosty

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I thought, despite the warmer weather we’ve had this past week, that Peter could use an additional winter hat. So I spent the last week knitting him one.

The hat was wrapped up with a little booklet of 10 free Frostys from Wendy’s. I thought it was kind of ironic to give a gift of something to keep him warm and something to cool him off. Clever me!

One thought on “Toasty and Frosty

  1. Bethany Joy Lange

    Very nice. I knit up a hat for Adam a year or two ago that he LOVED…but lost it about a month ago. I’m too disorganized to make a new one right now, but now I’m feeling like I want to be as loving & generous & crafty of a wife as my dear friend Rebecca is…


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