Sweeties with my Sweetie

With the green leaves of Spring upon us and the warm air of Summer sneaking in, Catherine and I have replaced our ‘oatmeal for every breakfast’ routine for something a bit cooler- Smoothies.

Or “Sweeties”” as Catherine has been calling them. They’re thick, fruity, sweet and they fill our tummies up for days full of adventure. In the world of natural and healthy eating they’re known as Green Smoothies. We whip up a batch every morning- mine is gone quickly, while Catherine savors hers in between reading her Richard Scary books and ‘Dressing the Bear that Josie Gave me’; two favorite morning activities.

Here’s our recipe if you’re interested (amounts are approximate and vary based on what I have on hand)

In blender, combine:
1/2 cup frozen Blueberries
1/2 cup frozen Strawberries
2/3 of one Banana *note- I cut bananas into thirds and freeze ahead of time
1 large handful Spinach leaves, chopped well
1 cup (or more) Plain, No-fat yogurt
Splash of Orange Juice (optional and yummy)

Blend until smooth. A word from Catherine- “The blender is not scary. It is just loud. But not too loud.”

The yogurt we have been using the past couple weeks is a batch that we made ourselves. We put our crock pot to work and followed the instructions found on the blog Nourishing Days. It came out a bit runny for normal yogurt eating, but is perfect for smoothies!

The fruit combo above is easy for us and we like it, but feel free to try other combinations. We should mix it up sometimes as well… Any good suggestions?

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