These Days

These days we are enjoying:

Halloween Decorations:
This fall has seen a magical intersection between Catherine’s fine motor and scissor skills with her love for papercrafts. The result? Paper pumpkins, bats, cats, and ghosts to welcome the trick or treaters.

the Swing set:
This 10 year old swing set is enjoying a second chance at life now that it has been moved into our back yard. Many thanks to Grandpa Lowe for the reconstruction and Grandpa Wood for the blue swing!

the Leaves:
Who can resist a big pile of autumn leaves?

New Headwear:
The girls have been coming to church with me this week to help set up for the Holiday Fair. Esme found and modeled some fun headwear!

(this last one kills me! I was sorting books and turned around and found her exactly like this. I nearly died laughing!)

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