A Photo a Day: 365 project

I’m a bit late to the game as far as 365 Photo projects are concerned. I thought it would be a good challenge for 2013 to capture glimpses into our everyday life, and to serve as prompts for interesting topics of conversation. I’m not going to impose any rules, some photos may come with stories, others may remain wordless. There will be tons of kid photos and probably other things as well. I don’t really instagram, but who knows, we might see a filter here and there. That’s the fun of it all.

I aim to ‘keep things real” and the first two photos seem to prove my point. There’s no candy coating around here! Just our real, everyday lives.


We begin our challenge as the year began- with the crud. All four us us have had it since Christmas, but it seems Esme and I have been hit hardest.


See above ^^


New bowling shoes + Catherine = tons of awesome!

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