Long Way ‘Round

fifty four

I had a bit of time to myself this afternoon. How better to spend it, I thought, than by knitting and watching some great, albeit years old, tv shows?

I’ve recently discovered, and come to love the 2004 British tv show, The Long Way ‘Round, in which Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travel from London to New York on motorcycles. They go the long way, through Europe, Asia, and then Alaska, Canada and then the lower US. I’ve never really given a second glance to motorcycles, but the adventure that these men go on is amazing to watch. Their experiences are not sugar coated or edited to look glamorous. All the bumps along the way (both figurative and literal) are out there for us to see. I could absolutely do without their rampant profanity, however, and it is the only thing stopping me from watching the show with the girls.

I have found this show to be an aptly choice to entertain me while I knit as I have found that knitting adult garments in the round to be extremely tedious. From my start marker at one sleeve all the way back is definitely a long way round!

The photo above is from McGregor and Boorman’s 2007 sequel, The Long Way Down. The guys follow up their trip around the world with a trip from the Northern tip of Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa. Or at least I assume they’ll make it to Cape Town. My viewing of the show has only gotten them to the Egypt/Sudan border!

If you like motorcycles, Ewan McGregor, or adventure shows you’d probably get as hooked on these as I have. Even if you only like two of the above three you’re good to go! Beware, though, these shows may induce major wanderlust. While I have no desire to hop on a motorcycle I am definitely feeling the lure of the road.

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